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About Us

reefm aquarium clownfish
About Us
Aquatic Installations is a new small business local to Colorado Springs focusing on installations and service of saltwater aquariums. Aquatic Installations is partnered with local fish stores in Colorado Springs as well as a professional contracting company. Aquatic installations can install small basic setups like 50 gallon 'all in one' reef tanks to 300 gallon in-wall remote filtration reef tanks.
Fresh water planted tank
Passion Driven Company
We are a passion driven company, meaning everyone we work with has passion for the aquarium hobby and industry. our small team consists only of hardworking, passionate people.
coral reef aquarium tank
About the Owner 
My name is Wil MacFarlane. I've been obsessed with aquatic creatures and the habitat that they live in for as long as I can remember. The aquarium industry is my passion, hobby, and job. There is nothing more I would rather be doing that setting up stunning aquatic features.
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